SiM's new challenge comes in the form of ”XR (cross reality/extended reality).” XR is a collective term for the technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

The team behind the music video of「The Rumbling」, consisting of Japan's best creators, comes together again to stream SiM's performance on Sep 30th. "Virtual Production Systems," a XR technology that is attracting a lot of attention,will be introduced to this live. This system has been used for online live performances by major global artists, but it will be an extremely groundbreaking initiative to be fully introduced to a paid live streaming by Japanese artists.

People around the world can watch "SiM XR LiVE" on various platforms in Japan and other countries. During the archive period, we will allow viewers to purchase or watch only the songs they want to do so because we would like to send the live performance to as many people as possible. You don't need to have a special device to watch the show. The performance can be watched on your PC or smartphone.

The MV of 「The Rumbling」, released at the start of this year, created a lot of sensation both in Japan and abroad. It will come back again as "The Rumbling feat. Attack on Titan" where the band faces off against the titans.

SiM's strength as a live band will be fully shown in a space created by cutting edge technologies, where real and virtual worlds blur their boundaries. We promise to present the vision of SiM's songs without limitations utilizing a method different from the one used in a real concert.
SiM will swing and go all-out in the XR world! Don't miss it!


曲 サムネイル


曲 サムネイル

Devil in Your Heart

曲 サムネイル

Light it up

曲 サムネイル

The Rumblingfeaturing Attack on Titan



Streaming schedule

Live: From
20:00 pm on Sep 30th, 2022(PDT)

From 12:00 pm on Oct 1st to 23:59 pm on Oct 31th, 2022(PDT)

* SiM plans to play four songs in about 20 minutes.



Outside Japan

$19.99 for the entire show (tax incl.)

$7.99 for each song (tax incl.)

* Ticket price may vary by platform.
* The $7.99 ticket will be sold from mid-September.

In Japan

3,300 yen for the entire show (tax incl.)

880 yen for each song (tax incl.)

* You can watch all the four songs the band intends to play for 3,300 yen.
* Another charge is required for the streaming platform itself.
* The 880-yen ticket will be sold from mid-September.


Steaming platforms

Ticket sales start :

10:00 am on Friday, July 1.

* Local time applies to each region. Please note that the sales schedule is subject to sudden changes.

Tickets are sold at the linked pages.

Buy ticket (outside Japan)

Buy ticket (in Japan)

Notice for live streaming and archive streaming

  • Make sure to carefully read the guidelines on the streaming platform before purchasing a ticket. You need to have an Internet environment and recommended conditions adequate for live streaming.
  • No cancellation, ticket changes or refund is possible for any reasons other than the postponement or cancellation of streaming.
  • Due to the characteristics of live streaming, troubles of the Internet as well as equipment and/or systems can disturb, stop or disrupt the footage and/or sound. Please note that we will not refund even in that case.
  • The organizer shall not responsible for troubles related to your Internet environment and viewing conditions.
  • Access to the platform is expected to concentrate immediately before the streaming. We recommend that you secure enough time when logging in to the service.
  • You can only watch the live footage which is steamed after your login. Rewinding of the live video is not possible.
  • Any commercial use of the streamed video is prohibited, including a paid show at a restaurant or hall.
  • Archive schedules vary for each streaming platform. Details are available on their pages.
  • Tickets are available even after the archive period begins, during which you can watch the video repeatedly.

SiM XR Live is presented as a no-audience, streaming-only live. A COVID-related policy is set for our staff to prevent the spread of the infection.

Policy on preventing spread of COVID-19

  • All staff members should make every effort to maintain a good health. All possible measures, including temperature check and inquiry every morning before entering the venue, should be conducted for them.
  • People with high fever and/or in poor health conditions are not allowed to attend the site. Areas and points often touched by hands in the live venue are regularly cleaned up and sanitized.
  • All staff members wear a mask. And some members wear a face guard and /or gloves depending on their tasks.
  • When necessary, we will contact the authorities including a public health office to swiftly apply safety measures.
  • This policy is subject to change depending on the infection conditions as well as changes of the guidelines and policies of government agencies and industry groups.